Blindie Connect - TeamTalk Servers


Welcome to the TeamTalk Servers page, where you'll find various TeamTalk servers to connect to. You can also submit your own TeamTalk servers for others to connect to it.

Something's wrong with a server! What can I do?

We try to investigate each server we receive to avoid harmful content, but sometimes we can't see something that you already know. This is why we have introduced a new form which helps you report a server that is already included into this page. You can do this here.

Available servers

Adns server

Cornel's Server

Alternate evil chocolate cookie server

TD server's private zone

Angels Clan Public Server

Destructatron's Server

Patrick's Existance Spot

rb studios team talk hub

Gamer2004's Server

The Evil Chocolate Cookie's server

Flight Productions Server


Urh's Server

Adriano's Server

Monkey's Island

Ronan and Lucy's Server

Dennis's Server

Sediment's Server


Alden's Server

bluefire server

Brandon's TT

Rich's Server

Gabdillon Public Server

Simters server

tonios server

Storm and Daniel's Server

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